Hi Guys welcome to our top 5 list of OCR training gear:

Now remember your going to get wet,muddy and sweat but you will feel amazing afterwards and if you want to beat the course here are a few essentials to help you train for race day.

  1. Off Road Running Shoes, your shoes are massively important they need to be sturdy and have grip. Salomon seems to be the weapon of choice for most of our runners.top 5 ocr training kit
  2. Dry Robes are hugely popular at the moment, they come in all different shapes and sizes and price range. Great for before and after training to keep you warm and dry you off after a dunk in the water. These are waterproof and windproof and are perfect for after training,for OCR or just training in general.top 5 ocr training kit
  3. Socks , never underestimate the importance of a decent pair of socks. SealSkinz lead the market in waterproof socks and there is a reason for that, they have patented technology like Hydrostop that stops water getting in the top of your socks! but all this comes at a price you are looking at around £30 a pair.top 5 ocr
  4. OCR HeadBand , now the best way to get a headband is to earn one at a race but until then buy one great for keeping you hair out your face and mud from in your ears. This one is and Orca Neoprene one and comes in at about £9.99.ocr headband
  5. Heart Rate monitor, there are loads to buy out there and they are great for training for all sports but its quite fun to see how hard you are pushing yourself. most of our guys use MYZONE but there are others out there.Activity Beltmyzone


So just a wee guide to some our favourite bits of tech to help you with your OCR training, Enjoy feel free to comment.