ocrukA massive thanks to everyone that came to our outdoor training facility launch and I’m sure you will all agree what a fabulous day we had . A special thanks to all the team for providing on going support to all athletes that faced the might of the Freestyle course . Also a huge thanks to our sponsors for the launch without you as a non profit community team we would struggle to function.

I big thanks to The Burger Box for some fabulous food

Dean’s Bar for refreshments

Rose Wallace for water and post race food

And to our sponsors

Envy hair
Punchy carpets
Wilson signs
Greendale car sales
Catford investments
Dove building supplies

Last but not least to our hosts James and Gemma at a Rue du chateau camping and everyone will agree the perfect location

I hope you enjoyed your ocr experience and hope to see you back on the course soon as , our regular Saturday 8-12 training

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